Mediation is a confidential process in which a neutral facilitator (the mediator) guides the parties through making informed decisions regarding their family’s future. Mediation is generally best way to resolve your divorce or custody dispute because it allows the parties to make the decisions – not the Court. Engaging in mediation will save you money and time. Emily W. Ayers is certified Family Court Mediator and ready to assist your family in reaching the best possible resolution.

Our office is equipped to hold confidential mediations where the parties can collaborate in one room or be separated for more private discussions. Mediations usually take about a day. The goal in any mediation is to leave with a signed agreement between the parties. As your mediator, Emily cannot be called in as a witness at a trial, she cannot tell the Court what was discussed at your mediation, and she cannot share your confidential information with the other party. This confidentiality is what makes mediation work.

When children are involved mediation is especially helpful to the parents who will have to continue to co-parent and raise their children together. Even through your marriage to your spouse may be over, their role as your child’s parent is never ending. Families who engage in mediation to resolve their family court disputes report higher levels of satisfaction in the separation/divorce process because they are making the decisions – and their children are happier too.