Shielding Kids from the Negative Emotional Implications of Divorce

One of the most emotionally difficult aspects of Charleston divorce involves the case’s impact on the family – specifically the children. Ensuring that the familial bonds between parent and child remain intact through the divorce process can be a challenge even for couples that are reasonably and peacefully seeking new lives for themselves. To minimize the impact and ensure your children understand the implications of the divorce decision, it’s important to do several things throughout the process:

Shelter younger children from conflict and legal talk

One of the most common avoidable mistakes parents make during divorces is discussing the contentious issues, engaging in conflict and talking about the legal and family court aspects of the case in front of their kids. While it is important to talk about the divorce with your kids and to offer them assurance of your love, you should avoid dragging them into heated discussions and make every effort to handle the details of the case in private.

Minimize disruption of the kids’ daily lives

For some kids, a divorce can call for significant life changes. Some kids have to switch schools or change neighborhoods. While this aspect of divorce is often unavoidable, the spouses should make every effort to preserve a sense of familiarity.

Keep both parents in the children’s’ life

A common mistake some parents make – especially in cases where one spouse has filed on fault-based grounds – is keeping the child away from the non-custodial parent. If at all possible, both parents should maintain a presence in the child’s life throughout the divorce case. A young boy or girl shouldn’t feel like they’re “losing a parent” as a result of the divorce.

Don’t demonize your spouse – ever

Some parents have a terrible habit of saying bad things about their former spouse in front of their children. What good can possibly come of making your child believe that his mother or father is a bad person? What good can come of making your child look negatively at your former spouse? Regardless of the circumstances of the divorce, you should never make your children feel like the other spouse is a lousy parent. Eventually, and despite what the other spouse does to the contrary, the children will start to believe it.

Without question, divorce affects the children in the relationship just as much as it does the parents – and perhaps even more so. That’s why it’s crucial to do everything possible to shield your children from the negative emotional consequences of divorce. In the long run, it’s best for everyone involved. And it can ensure the children are able to adapt naturally to their new lives.

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