How Do I Get the Custody of My Child Back In SC?

The results of your divorce may have not been what you had hoped for when it came time to make the decision of child custody. Among the life-altering decisions in divorce cases, child custody is often one of the most sensitive issues facing a parent after a divorce. You may not have been awarded joint custody after your divorce or child services removed your child(ren) from your home, and now you are in a difficult circumstance where you must prove to a judge that your home is a safe environment for your child(ren). So, how do you get the custody of your child back in South Carolina?

In child custody cases, it is important to understand the process from the court’s point of view, which means addressing the issues that caused the separation from your child(ren). These would have been pointed out to you during your divorce case and can range from drug or alcohol abuse to physical abuse, other neglect behavior or other poor life habits. To show personal improvement, you can complete addiction programs, attend parenting classes, counseling or make your home safer by regularly paying rent, making repairs and maintaining safe company. You can also create good standing by abiding by your current custody agreement and attending all your court hearings, arriving prepared and on time. By taking these steps, you will alleviate the court’s poor perception of you as a parent.

If it is time to make a change and get on the road to becoming a more apt parent who can spend more time with your child(ren), then now is the time to consult the quality family law team at Ayers Family Law. If you are serious about gaining child custody, it is essential that you have the proper legal guidance—someone who can keep your schedule and refer you to the best possible resources for improving your report with the courts. We understand the law as it pertains to child custody and will work alongside you to rectify your situation.

If you are asking, “How do I get the custody of my child back?” Ayers Family Law is here to support and guide you. Contact Ayers Family Law today to start the process of reuniting with you child(ren).

Written by Hunter Gardner

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