How to Adopt a Child in Charleston, SC

Congratulations on your decision to adopt a child into your family. This is an important decision not only in your life, but also in the life of your future child and his or her parents as well. At Ayers Family Law, LLC, we know that adoption can come with a series of questions that require legal assistance, and we want you to best understand how to adopt a child in Charleston.

You may be considering foster adoption, domestic adoption or international adoption. For these processes you will be in contact with either the Department of Social Services or an adoption agency. Foster adoption occurs when a child is removed from their current family and a foster parent or family opens their home to him or her for a certain period of time. This often involves the Department of Social Services. The goal of fostering is to reunite the child’s family, but foster adoption is not uncommon. Domestic adoption occurs when a mother decides to give her child up for adoption to an adoptive family. This is done by contacting an adoption agency or a licensed child placing agency, which pairs families with a candidate for adoption. International adoption has similar terms, but can be a more timely process.

Adoption involves multiple parties and the laws change frequently. To ensure that you are best taken care of without any unexpected hurdles to the future of your family, contact Ayers Family Law, LLC today.


— Written By Hunter Gardner

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