Helping Your Children Deal With Divorce

Getting a divorce is not easy. It is one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. It creates an economic and emotional toll on you, your family, and your friends. Unfortunately, when children are involved, the impact of divorce can become especially evident. Children very often have trouble dealing with divorce. For a child, divorce is an extremely stressful and confusing time. If these issues are not confronted early on in the divorce, then the children can carry emotional wounds for years, and even as adults. However, you, as the parent can help your children cope with your divorce by following four helpful tips.

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 Helpful Parenting Tips for Divorce

1.   Mom and Dad are both there for you- Despite the divorce, the children will always see their parents as their parents. Even though the parents are no longer together, children will not internalize that fact. Mom is always mom and dad is always dad, even when one of the parents is no longer around. Reassuring your children that they have the opportunity to continue loving relationships with both parents will greatly help your children deal with a divorce. In fact, in South Carolina, there is a strong preference for joint custody and keeping both parents involved in children’s lives.

2.   Do not argue in front of your children- All of these parenting tips are about minimizing the stress and confusion your children are feeling during this difficult time. Arguing with your ex-spouse in front of your children will only intensify the stress and confusion. It may make your children feel like they are to blame for the divorce.

3.   Do not belittle your spouse- It is extremely important not to belittle your spouse to your children. Do not try and make your children choose sides by belittling the other spouse and making your ex-spouse seem like the “bad guy.” This will only heighten a child’s anxiety, stress, and confusion. Remember, the goal is for the child to have a loving relationship with both parents.

4.   Seek a therapist if needed- If you are feeling angry, depressed, anxious, or just need someone to talk to, seek a therapist during this difficult time. Your children are not your therapist. You should not be venting to them about your own problems regarding the divorce. By seeking a therapist, you will be able to deal with your own struggles, thus creating a more stable environment for your children. This will help reduce your children’s stress and anxiety surrounding the divorce.

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