Five Tips for Dealing with Life after Divorce

At the time of marriage, no one envisions getting divorced. When you get married, you pledge your heart to someone and imagine it lasting forever. Unfortunately, the dream does not always line up with the reality. According to the American Psychological Association, the divorce rate in the United States is between 40 to 50 percent.

Divorce can bring upon much stress, frustration, and anger. It creates an economical and emotional toll on you, your friends and family. However, in a recent Huffington Post Article, dating coach Lisa Copeland explains why all is not lost after a divorce. She explains some healthy ways to deal with divorce and how to get your life back on track.

Even with these tips to help you move on to a better life after a divorce, you still don’t need to deal with the all of the stresses of the divorce process alone. The divorce attorneys at Ayers Family Law, LLC are prepared to help walk you through the process of divorce, and ensure that you make it through this troubling time.

Five Tips for Dealing with Life after Divorce

Divorce certainly isn’t easy, but these five tips may help you transition through the process and face your new life.

  1. Be Around Friends and Family- Be sure to surround yourself with friends and family who will be supportive during your difficult time. These friends and family might be going through what you are going through now. Or they might have friends and family who have gone through what you are going through. These friends and family will hopefully provide a shoulder to lean on, an ear to talk to, and will give you helpful insight and motivation.

  2. Seek Outside Help- If you do not have enough supportive family and friends to help you through this difficult time or your friends and family are failing in this respect, please seek outside help. It is extremely important that you do not go through this painful time alone. Please seek outside help if necessary.

  3. Treat Yourself- After a divorce, it will feel nice treating yourself to something you enjoy. Whether it is going shopping at your favorite mall, getting pampered at a day spa, or taking a long peaceful walk in the park, make sure to treat yourself to something that will reduce the stress in your life. Try and pick something that you can incorporate into your daily or weekly routine.

  4. Avoid Bad Coping Mechanisms- Stay away from alcohol, drugs and food as coping mechanisms to deal with your divorce. These forms of coping mechanisms are unhealthy and can lead to long term problems.

  5. Find a Furry Friend- After a divorce, it may be painful to come home to an empty house at the end of a long day. It’s really nice to have someone there to greet you and to hold. When dealing with her own divorce, Lisa Copeland got a dog, which helped her deal with the loneliness she was feeling. Getting a pet may be something to consider in order to help you cope with your divorce.

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