Need Child Support? Get a Downtown Charleston Family Lawyer.

A child support lawyer can alleviate financial stress on single parents

Raising a child requires a considerable amount of dedication and responsibility, and the sacrifices that single parents make to ensure the best life for their loved ones are significant. But what about the resources required to raise a child? The sum of food, shelter, clothing and other expenses is a hefty amount for a parent, especially when the child’s father isn’t holding up his end of the bargain or providing help to ensure the child has all they need to be successful in the future.

A single mother can provide ample emotional support for their child only to get the short end of the stick when it comes to child support payments. Providing for a child as a single mother can be difficult enough – the daily routine of getting the kids ready for school and getting them there on time, working a job to provide your children with what they deserve, picking the kids up from school and extracurricular activities, getting them fed and getting them to bed. How does a single parent do all this and keep their sanity, especially when they’re not getting the child support payments they’re entitled to?

In South Carolina, thousands of single mothers receive child support each month. In a number of cases, the fathers simply refuse to pay out of spite of the mother, or they fall on financial hard times that force them to shun their obligations. In one extreme case out of Richland County, a man fell behind on his payments – and now owes more than $71,000 (see whole story). When he is apprehended, he will face jail time. This is just one example of a father who either can’t or won’t pay to support the child for which he’s responsible.

How will you provide for your child when the father stops paying? How will you ensure your child gets access to all the resources he or she needs to live a happy life? Getting the child support payments you need to raise your child can be difficult if the other party is either unwilling or unable to pay. That’s why you need a downtown Charleston child support attorney who will fight to ensure  that the other parent is fulfilling their obligations as a parent.

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