A Downtown Charleston Child Custody Lawyer Willing to Fight for You

Child custody cases are often intense emotional struggles. After all, a child’s future is at stake, and bitter parties in a divorce often set their sites on gaining child custody as a way of sticking it to the ex-husband or ex-wife. In one extreme example, a man even went as far as to shoot his ex-wife in the midst of a custody battle:

Investigators allege Gorny shot Weaver and her stepfather […] after a family court hearing during which a judge ruled Gorny had to start paying child support for his 6-month old daughter with Weaver.”

Fifty-seven-year-old Curtis Gorny was convicted of weapon and murder charges in the shooting.” …read the story

Don’t let things escalate so badly that your ex-spouse considers harming you. If you’re in the middle of a heated child custody dispute, seek consultation from a qualified a Downtown Charleston child custody lawyer who will advocate on your behalf and help ensure that you and your ex-spouse resolve your differences in the best way possible. A diplomatic settlement is also in your child’s best interest, which is all the more reason to consider hiring a family lawyer. Get in touch today!

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