5 Reasons Why Divorce Isn’t the End of the World

Divorce is an understandably emotional process. Although the relationships and circumstances surrounding each case are different, there is usually an element of uncertainty between both parties about how life is supposed to proceed after the divorce is finalized.

Some spouses may be completely thrilled to get out of an unhappy marriage. But it’s often not that simple. Such a significant life change involves adjustment. Many recently divorce individuals will find themselves second-guessing their decisions and will wonder if going through with the procedure was the right choice. In the early stages of single life, it’s important to be patient and reasonable in evaluating how you deal with these emotions.

Adjusting to a new life isn’t as easy for some as it is for others. But no matter where you are in the process, it’s important to realize that millions of other people have gone through similar situations. And it’s imperative that you consider some of the positive implications of the divorce:

1) You and your former spouse get a fresh start
After divorce, any “baggage” or relational constraints that existed during the marriage no longer manifest themselves in your day-to-day life. You essentially get a fresh slate and aren’t bound by things you’ve said or done in the past.

2) Your children are no longer at the center of an unhappy home
Perhaps one of the most important positive benefits of divorce is that your kids will be able to live a life in which their parents don’t begrudgingly live together, argue or do wrong by one another all the time.

3) You can focus on building a new, different relationship with your children
If you’ve recently been divorced, this may be the first time in months or years that you have the opportunity for meaningful one-on-one time with just your child. Now that the marriage is out of the picture, you can focus more time on building your these relationships and ensuring your kids are happy.

4) You can explore a lifestyle that you weren’t able to while you were married
Have you wanted to travel or pursue an activity for a while, but couldn’t because of your marriage? Single life presents an invaluable opportunity for now single couples to pursue new hobbies and mingle with new people. Take advantage of this time to do all the things you wanted to – but never could – while you were married.

5) Your life no longer has to revolve around unhappiness or bitterness
The most immediate benefit of settling a divorce case is knowing that you’ll no longer have to spend so much energy on fighting battles when you get home from work each evening or before going to bed. You’re now free to pursue happiness – perhaps for the first time since you can remember.

As you adjust to post-divorce life, it can be tempting to mull over different scenarios about what “could have been.” But you and your spouse decided to divorce for a reason. And now that the decision is final, you have an opportunity to take advantage of the situation.