When you divorced your spouse, did you divorce their family too?

When a divorce case is finalized, there can be animosity and friction among the parties. Often, this animosity spills over into the relations between the spouse and his or her former in-laws, an issue that can affect the children in the marriage.

Disagreements and taking sides

Throughout the divorce process, relationships between the spouses and their respective in-laws can deteriorate. When one spouse voices dissatisfaction with the other spouse when they’re not there to defend themselves, it can shape perceptions among the in-laws. Conversely, a spouse can become angry or off put when the other side’s in-laws overstep their bounds and get too involved.

The ebb and flow of divorce and the conflicts that can arise during the process can leave a bitter taste in both parties’ mouths.

Considering the kids

No matter what the outcome of the divorce or how the parties feel about the outcome, it’s important to remember that both you and your in-laws have one thing in common – your children. Regardless of whether you and your in-laws get along, it’s important not to let a rocky relationship hinder their relationship with their grandparents, aunts and uncles and other key family members.

Resolving differences of opinions amicably

It’s important to remember that your in-laws may never be happy with the causes or outcome of the divorce. But that doesn’t mean that your disagreements have to affect the children. Talking bad about your in-laws in front of your children or refusing to let them be a part of the child’s life should be avoided. Resolving your differences amicably protects the relationship between grandparents and children. And it can also help you mend any bitterness that may have occurred during the divorce.

Your Charleston divorce doesn’t have to negatively impact you and your childrens’ relationship with your in-laws.  It’s up to you to address any hard feeling in a reasonable way and to ensure that your divorce doesn’t alienate your children from the important people in their lives.