Dealing With Stress During Divorce: 4 Divorce Stress Relief Tips

Dealing with stress during a divorce can feel overwhelming. With such a major life change about to take place over the few months, how can you best reduce your stress during a divorce? Ayer Family Law has these 4 divorce stress relief tips that we hope will help you maintain during this time.

1. Say It Out Loud

By keeping emotions to yourself during a divorce, you are more likely to increase your stress level. Instead of suppressing the way you feel, give yourself permission to emote your feelings of stress. Now is the time to confide in a trusted friend, counselor or find a divorce support group in your area. The Charleston area offers several of these support and meet up groups for both men and women who are going through a divorce.

2. Seek Legal Mediation

You and your spouse may be interested in attending legal mediation before seeking a divorce. This process diminishes stress by allowing a couple to sit in with an attorney to talk more about what to expect during a divorce. Many issues common in divorce cases can be settled during legal mediation, while mediation also encourages healthy communication between the two parties.

3. Realize What You Can Control (And What You Can Not)

When going through a divorce there are some things that you will have control over, and others that you will not. One thing you have control over is yourself: not only taking care of yourself physically and emotionally, but also how you handle yourself during the divorce. Are you easy to communicate with? Are you respectful? Do you show up on time to court? Other things to consider are your finances and your personal habits. These will be taken into account by the court when making decisions on child custody, child support, division of property and alimony. You can’t control the past, but you can control the future.

4. Talk With A Charleston Divorce Lawyer

Ayers Family Law, LLC in Charleston is here to help. If you have questions or concerns, contact us to get divorce stress relief. Our family lawyers are South Carolina natives who have your best interests in mind. By utilizing Ayers Family Law, you will be prepared for what to expect both inside and outside of the courtroom.


— Written By Hunter Gardner