How To Deal With Divorce During The Holidays

The holidays are a time when families get together to celebrate. Whether it is a backyard game of football for Thanksgiving or opening presents during Chanukah or Christmas, you probably have fond memories of these occasions, spending time with loved ones. However, divorce creates a unique stress for families who have been segmented: juggling plans and  taking long car rides, as children are constantly pulled from one family gathering to the other. This routine can cause anxiety and communication breakdowns among divorced couples. Here are some tips from the Ayers Family Law Firm for how to deal with divorce during the holidays.

1. Have Open Communication

During the holidays it is important to have open, honest communication with your former spouse. Be upfront with your travel needs and voice your opinion about family traditions. However, you should also be courteous of his/her need to spend time with the children during the holiday season as well. Remember, communication is key during and after a divorce to make sure that both parties are treated fairly.

2. Make A Plan

Now that you have expressed your preferences, make a plan with your ex-spouse. There is always room for compromise. This may mean shifting schedules from what was typical during your marriage. For example, the children may spend Christmas Eve with mom and Christmas day with dad. You might make arrangements for the children to spend Thanksgiving with the mother’s side of the family and Christmas with the father’s side, while still allowing the children to spend time with both parents during these times. Making holiday plans can be difficult when trying to sift through the details. One possible solution is to write everything out in an e-mail or online calendar, so both you and your ex-spouse have a place to start.

3. Put The Children First

Most importantly, remember your children. While you and your extended family would love to spend as much time with them as possible at the holidays, they should not be subjected to excessive travel or spot you bickering with your ex-spouse. Allow time for them to socialize with friends over long, seasonal breaks from school, and make sure they know travel arrangements ahead of time.

Are You Considering A Divorce In Charleston, SC?

Dealing with a divorce can cause stress and anxiety. The Ayers Family Law Firm would like to help during this time by answering your questions, offering mediation and if needed, representing you in the courtroom. If you are considering getting a divorce in Charleston, contact the divorce attorneys at Ayers Family Law Firm.


– Written by Hunter Gardner