Child Custody Battle in Charleston: How a Lawyer Can Help With Child Custody

If you are in a child custody battle we know that you probably have questions about how child custody works in South Carolina. What influences child custody decisions? How are the best interests of a child determined in a case?

When a couple cannot come to an agreement, whether that is sole custody or joint custody, it will most likely have to be resolved in a courtroom. If so, you will need to have an experienced child custody lawyer on your side that can best represent your interests in court.

The family court will ultimately decide who gains sole custody, or if both parents warrant joint custody. This is determined by a standard that will qualify if one or both parents are suitable to care for the child(ren). If you are in a child custody battle and are fighting for joint custody, you can help your case by having documentation that shows you are a fit parent. For example, if your ex-spouse was awarded sole custody because of your inability to retain employment, you can provide documentation from your current employer showing the longevity of your new employment. You should also try to open up communication with the other parent, to show that you can interact in a healthy way when it comes to issues that affect your child.

You should also consider your financial situation—you should be able to provide a steady income that can supplement your responsibilities as a caretaker, such as paying rent on time and being able to afford food and clothing.

How A Charleston Family Lawyer Can Help With Your Child Custody Case

A child custody lawyer is your best resource when it comes to resolving your custody battle. Every child custody case has it’s own story. Our  in order to better state your case for the type of child custody arrangement you are seeking and why that arrangement should occur.

If you are about to enter, or are currently in a child custody battle and need a family lawyer who can help, contact Ayers Family Law Firm to get the answers to your questions about child custody in Charleston.

Written by Hunter Gardner

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