Charleston Divorce Lawyer: Can A Lawyer Help Negotiate My Divorce?

When deciding to file for divorce, couples are often encouraged to go to a couple meditation session and be advised by a family lawyer who can better educate them on what to expect in their divorce. This negotiation process can help create an amiable environment for making big decisions in a divorce case such as alimony, child support, child custody and the division of assets.

Judges in family court will ultimately make these life-altering decisions, but if the couple comes to court with an agreed upon plan, the legal process of a divorce will go much smoother than if a couple does not seek mediation. With the family lawyers at Ayers Family Law Firm, you can expect an attentive and diligent mediation. We take pride in hearing out the details of every divorce case and preparing couples for the outcomes of their divorce by explaining legalities and common “court speak.”

If one or all of the aspects of your divorce can not be settled by negotiation, the divorce lawyers at Ayers Family Law are experienced attorneys in Charleston County who can partner with you in settling these important matters in court. As your advocate in the courtroom, Ayers Family Law Firm will fight for the satisfactory results that you desire in your divorce case. We believe in protecting what is best for your child(ren), awarding you with the property that you are entitled to and finding fair settlements for child support and alimony.

Hire A Family Lawyer In Charleston Who Can Help In Your Divorce Case

If you need a lawyer to sit in with you and your spouse to mediate your divorce, know that the family lawyers of Ayers Family Law Firm are here to help. Our pleasure is helping couples resolve their divorce case in an amiable fashion. However, if you find that your divorce cannot be resolved by negotiation, we are equipped and able to represent you in court.

Our divorce attorneys have been vetted by the state of South Carolina to represent those in need of legal guidance in divorce cases. While we take pride in our ability to negotiate divorces in Charleston, we will aggressively pursue your best interests in the courtroom when needed. To learn more about how a lawyer in Charleston County can get you results in the courtroom, contact Ayers Family Law Firm today.


– Written By Hunter Gardner