Charleston Family Lawyers Help Ease the Impact of Divorce

If you’re going through a divorce, child custody battle or other family court case, Charleston’s family lawyers can help guide you through this time. We understand that most clients who come to us are experiencing or are preparing to experience a significant life change. We provide zealous representation and defend your rights throughout the process. And we do everything in our power to get you the judgment you expect and deserve.

How can Charleston family lawyers help ease the impact of a divorce? Why should you call a family attorney to take your Charleston case?

Choose an experienced SC attorney

The early stages of a divorce or family court case can be civil. Even so, most clients should hire their own attorney to represent them throughout the proceedings. Doing so can prevent any conflict of interest arising from the spouses sharing legal counsel.

At our firm, we work for YOU.  We talk with you about your case and your expectations and help you lay out a roadmap for getting the optimal outcome. We don’t begrudgingly make concessions just for the sake of appeasing the other side. And we exhaust every legal option and take every course of action so you can have peace of mind at the conclusion of the case.

Collaborative divorce in South Carolina?

While it’s wise to get your own attorney to handle your divorce case, the proceedings don’t have to be a bitter struggle. Collaborative divorce may be an option for some couples. The success of a collaborative divorce case isn’t predicated on one side winning and the other side losing – the goal is to remove the emotional implications and treat the divorce as a business transaction.

Traditional divorce cases include attorneys and financial experts who represent each side and a Guardian Ad Litem who is tasked with representing the child and his/her best interests throughout the case. A private investigator can also get involved to collect proof of fault divorce, and divorce coaching and counseling are optional.

Collaborative divorces live up to their name. Each spouse has their own attorney, but they work with one financial expert, divorce coach and child specialist to collaboratively hash out the details of post-divorce life for both parties. Collaborative divorce helps couples avoid intense litigation (in which the judge can have the final say). And because the case doesn’t go through the South Carolina family courts, your information is kept private and secret.

Collaborative divorce isn’t for everyone. That’s why it’s important to enlist the help of family lawyers in Charleston who know the local court system and who can advise you on the best course of action.

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