Charleston Divorce Advocates Help Get You a Fair Result

A large percentage of Charleston divorce cases are resolved amicably. Both parties are cooperative, reasonable and are able to resolve any differences they have and ultimately come to an agreeable stance on the often contentious divorce issues. This makes it much easier for the spouses and their respective divorce advocates to resolve the case – often without it ever even having to go to trial. However, cases like these are on one end of the spectrum. The other end can be more hostile.

Other family court scenarios can play out into bitter fights that lengthen the time and emotional impact of the divorce. When that’s the scenario, your only choice is to enlist the counsel of Charleston divorce advocates who will exhaust every strategy and application of the law to get you the outcome you deserve.

Individual spouses and their divorce advocates can chooses to be unreasonable or establishes insatiable expectations about child custody and the final division of assets. When it reaches the point that a peaceful settlement is out of the question, Charleston’s divorce advocates at Ayers Family Law take every step to ensure that our clients get a fair deal when all is said and done.

Sometimes, one client is bitter over the outcome of the marriage and wants to “get back” at the other spouse by purposefully being unreasonable throughout the process. Sometimes, one spouse is being unrealistic in how they perceive what the division of property should be. Sometimes, one spouse uses the fault-based grounds nature of the divorce to assume unfair leverage over the other spouse. Whatever the case, Charleston divorce advocates have experience working with the Lowcountry’s families.

Don’t go through this difficult time without a competent divorce advocate. Get in touch with a SC family lawyer today.