5 Ways an Attorney Makes Divorce Easier

Many people view attorneys as a necessary means to an end when it comes to divorce. But did you know that hiring a divorce lawyer can make the process easier for you?

1. Divorce attorneys help you determine the grounds for filing in South Carolina.

Are you filing on fault grounds or no fault grounds for divorce? Speaking with a divorce attorney about your current marriage and the circumstances surrounding your decision to start the procedure gives them the information they need to best advise you. It’s a good idea to enlist the help of a family attorney who’s familiar with the grounds for filing so they can give you the best advice possible for your scenario.

2. A divorce attorney can help you account for marital assets and understand the property division process.

One of the biggest issues that arises in divorce cases is the question of who’s entitled to the marital assets. A divorce lawyer can help ensure that these assets are accounted for accurately and that you get a fair shake when it comes to claiming your share of the property.

3. Divorce lawyers can work with both spouses to work out a favorable custody and visitation agreement.

Despite what you see on TV or hear in the news, child custody battles aren’t a necessary part of all divorce cases. In fact, most spouses and their attorneys are able to work out the child custody and visitation agreements amongst themselves.

4. A divorce lawyer can prepare the required papers and documents.

Do you like filling out paperwork? Not many people do. Instead of having to deal with divorce papers and documents, choose a Charleston divorce attorney who can handle this tedious aspect of the case for you.

5) A divorce attorney can represent you in the South Carolina family court and advocate for your best interests.

If your spouse or their lawyer proves difficult to deal with, your divorce attorney will fight for you in court to determine that you get the best outcome.

With a divorce attorney, you can rest assured that someone is caring for your best interests and that your divorce will go as smoothly as possible.

If you are thinking about divorce and need experienced legal counsel, call Ayers Family Law, LLC at 843-628-2871, or click below to schedule a consultation.

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